ZERO-ONE DESIGN specializes in providing creative products with a focus on industrial design since its inception in 1978.
The company has designed a wide range of products, and its project services include in depth planning, industrial design, mechanical design / electrical design/ machinery design / software design, prototype / mold making, packaging / brochures / operation manuals, etc. It also provides comprehensive services for manufacturing, logistics and sales support.
We established our China branch in 2002, with the aim to provide our customers with mold making, mass production, shipping and other services at reasonable prices.



・Industrial design
・Color design
・Surface treatment



・Tool design
・Mechanism design
・Software design



・Design model
・Wesign model
・Sueface Treatment model
color sample
・Color design



・Pakage desugn
・Produce catalogue
・Produce mark,logo Type
・Users manual



・Web production
・3D Modelling



・Tool making
・Management of tool
・Makeshift tool Production of a small amount



・Plastics product
Metal products



・The support of china market and sales
Our company has the license of importing and exporting.Permission number:(1Q035)

Design Fee About the design and design fee

Zero-One Design provide thoughtful solution to the contract according to the needs of customer.
The charge that we offer will be changed according to the products which in need of design, requirement and customer's work content.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions regarding the contracts and charges.
To an inquiry form.

1:Spot contract
The contract containing one product, or a series of product's design, appearance and structural design.
The lead-time will be changed according to products and scope of work. (1~6 months are needed)
2:The project contract
We will list the design fee per month during one product or a series of project is under development.(around 3~12 months)
3:Consultation contract
We provide consultation service on every products and the whole business.(one-year contract)
And also determining all the detail before operation, listing all the operation up according to product are including.
4:Royalty contract
We are not allowed to have initial fee of design. This contract only correspond to the sales and output.
5:The contract of production condition
This contract allow Zero-One Design to produce after the design work.(please contact us first if you are needed)
Unlike any other charge, it's capable of reducing the cost of design, appearance, structural design, and trial production.